GN Foundation

The GN Foundation was founded in 1956. The Foundation provides grants in accordance with its mission to support scientific, technical, non-profit and humane purposes as deemed to be of social importance to the Danish society.
Mission statement

Mission statement

The Foundation has a broad mission statement and at the same time a high degree of discretion is accorded to the Board of Trustees in deciding what to fund.

The Board will give priority to applications related to the following fields:

1. Scientific research and technical initiatives suggested by universities or educational institutions concerning:

  • Hearing science, hearing rehabilitation and medical science relating to hearing.
  • Acoustics components and systems for capturing and rendering audio signals.
  • Advanced signal processing and analysis of video and audio signals for communication purposes.

2. Efforts to stimulate the interest in technical educations (STEM) in Denmark.

3. Charitable organizations with an objective to improve hearing health care in areas of need like developing countries or other areas with serious challenges.

4. Organizations that support people with hearing loss, create awareness about hearing challenges or promote hearing loss prevention.

The Foundation will have a preference to supporting more long-term projects for bigger impact.

Generally, the Foundation does not provide grants for study trips, studies abroad or similar purposes except if such activities are an integral part of a larger project in the fields mentioned above.

How to apply

There are no application forms so please submit your application with the following documents:

• A short motivation describing the applicant, the purpose, the expected outcome, and the amount applied for.

• A well-documented budget of the proposed activities including other sources of support if such are present or expected.

• For large projects a detailed activity plan with milestones and a time schedule should also be provided.

The applications should preferably be written in English or otherwise in Danish and sent to GN Foundation by email at the email address:

For information about how the GN Foundation uses your personal data, please see our privacy notice.

Please allow 2-4 months to process your application.

Grant cases


MARCH 2021

The GN Foundation has decided to support the acquisition of Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) measurement equipment for the Speech Pathology and Audiology program at Københavns Universitet with DKK 305,938. The equipment will be used in the education of audiologists.



The GN Foundation has decided to support a project on developing a series of videos to be used in schools and high-schools to stimulate the interest in physics with DKK 215,000.  The videos will take a starting point in the airforce where many of the basic elements of physics can be found and displayed in a compelling way.



The GN Foundation has decided to support a  two-year project at Center for Hearing and Balance at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen with DKK 935,000.  The project is done in cooperation with Aalborg University and aims to discover how Virtual Reality tools can be used to help children with hearing loss improve their listening and speaking skills.



The GN Foundation has decided to support a three-year project on a campaign for safe listening among children and teenagers with DKK 1,289,373.  The project is led by the Danish Association for the Hard of Hearing in cooperation with experts in the field. 

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